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Customized product solutions by electric wire and cable manufacturers India

We are the eminent electric wire and cable manufacturers in India offer wide range of power cables to our respectable clients. The raw materials for industrial power cables are sourced from most trusted vendors in the industry. We also offer our products in custom range and specifications to satisfy diverse industry demands and our clients’ expectations.

Owning to maximum experience, skills and dedication, our impeccable range of wires and cables is highly demanded in the industry. Besides, we use most sophisticated tools and technologies to manufacture world class products. Our products are suitable for wide industrial applications and can be customized as well to fulfill most challenging demands of our customers.

Quality product range by trusted electric wire manufacturers India

Being reputed electrical wire and cable manufacturers in India, we always manufacture our cables and wires as per international quality guidelines. We assure maximum authenticity and efficiency of our products during designing process.

What are the features?

  • Sturdy construction
  • Highly durable
  • Remarkable performance
  • Maximum conductivity and
  • Good resistivity characteristics against temperature

If we go little bit technical then frequency range, resistivity, conductivity and protection characteristics of our wires and cables is also just the endless.

Why To Choose Neskeb Cables

  • We always use most sophisticated tools and technologies for manufacturing our Wire And Cable without compromising on quality standards.
  • Bringing more than a decade experience, we avail our products at market leading prices.
  • We have appointed research and development team at our Wire And Cable manufacturing plant to give most satisfied and innovative Wire And Cable to our clients.
  • Neskebcables is always ready to take challenges that make them most suitable Wire Manufacturers India.
  • Neskebcables is capable to give bulk solutions to our clients in committed time frame only.
  • With our maximum efforts and dedication, we are able to manage loyal client base that can be utilized for wide industrial apps across globe.

Wire and cable manufacturers are provide extremely durable, reliable, safe, and efficient in nature wire and cables. For good Wire and cable designing, you have to select the right type of jacket as per your application. For optimum electrical wire jacket selection as per your needs, you have to focus on.

Following Facts Discussed BY Neskebcables The Wire Manufacturers India

  • Voltage:- First of all, you have to select the right amount of voltage for your application. Most of the power cords are operated between 300 volts and 600 volts. 300 volts is primary requirement for light duty applications and 600 volts for industrial applications.
  • Environment:-The environment in which power cords have to be operated decides the type of jacket. In case, wire jacket is installed for application where it will be highly exposed to chemicals then extra protective layer is enabled in those conditions. Otherwise dry or simple jacket can be installed for indoor applications.
  • Temperature:-The next important factor to consider here is temperature. Electrical wire jackets should be able to withstand high temperature conditions so that jackets should not crack even at high temperature. Low quality wire jackets may result into bubbling, loosening or melting of the product.
  • Flexibility:-Wire and cable manufacturers have to move frequently so they should be flexible and protected with quality insulation layer.

These are some popular factors to consider when purchasing cable from Wire and cable manufacturers and suppliers in India. Trusted Wire and cable manufacturers always suggest the best industry solution based on your project needs and requirements.

Experience Electrical Wire Manufacturers- Neskeb

  • Get competitive advantages over others. Further, As a leading Electric Cable Manufacturers our custom range of products is suitable for wide industrial apps and clients’ specifications.
  • They are designed with focus on safety and security in mind. Also, the physical strength and toughness of the product make it suitable to use with harsh environmental conditions.
  • The initial costs for the Electrical Wire and Electric Cable may be high but they are always good in long term.
  • With the help of latest tools and machineries, electrical wire manufacturers in India make it in one dimension, two dimension or three dimensions.
  • Next important factor to consider is thickness of wire that varies from project to project.

To know more details on technical parameter, contact leading wire and cable manufacturers today.